Custom Built

We build tools that allow your team to get back to the work that matters. Eliminate repetitive tasks and save hundreds of hours each month by automating your workflows.

What we offer

We serve small to medium sized businesses who need fast and creative solutions that will work.

We know it can be difficult to connect business systems and promote automation within an organization. Oftentimes platforms don't talk to each other or are not flexible enough to meet every need.

Strata Consulting can help improve your organization's workflow productivity and eliminate bottlenecks by filling the gaps in your current system architecture. We design and build 100% custom automation solutions for any business process.

Explore our solutions

These are just a few ways we can deliver automation to your business

Custom Automation Tools
Whether you are looking for automation to manipulate data, transfer files, create / edit spreadsheets, simulate clicking or typing in an application, run reports, or add functionality to existing programs, we can create it for you. Your imagination is the limit.
Custom Chrome Extensions
We can develop seamlessly integrated add-ons to extend the capabilities of your cloud-based SaaS platforms and leverage your existing resources. If you are happy with your web apps, but wish they could be tweaked slightly here and there, we can help.
Microsoft Office Automation
Save time, reduce error rates, and eliminate manual work. From Excel spreadsheets to Outlook email, we can automate report preparation / generation and transform your manual processes into efficient, streamlined tasks.
Custom / Ad-hoc Reports
Let us build any custom or ad-hoc report tailored specifically to your needs. We can create dynamically generated reports in any format to match any business requirement you might have. Stop wasting time doing report prep and let us automate it for you.
Data Integration & Systems Interfacing
Do you have 2 or more systems that need to communicate, but aren't designed to? We can build data pipelines that run on demand or on a schedule to clean and transfer your data across systems, even if they are not built to communicate.
Proprietary RPA Software
We can introduce our easy to use Strata Robotic Process Automation tool empowering your users to create no-code automation pipelines on their own using a simple drag and drop interface with a shallow learning curve and minimal barriers to entry.

Empower your team to create their own automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Strata RPA is a powerful tool that can perform a wide variety of automation tasks such as filling out forms, manipulating files, extracting data from the web, and much more.
No prior knowledge required. Strata RPA has an intuitive drag and drop interface that allows users to create a visual flow chart of the process they want to automate step by step.
Save Hundreds of Hours
Users map out a process once and save it as a template. The next time they need to complete the task, it is as simple as a single click.

The Strata approach to process automation

We believe that you should be able to leverage your existing systems to achieve greater operational efficiency.

  • Drive automation even on closed systems that do not offer API integrations or data connectors.
  • No new infrastructure required.
  • Eliminate repetitive and mundane tasks by leveraging front-end UI automation, freeing up your team's valuable time.

Customize your web based applications

  • What if you could customize any web based tool so that it fit your organization's needs perfectly?
  • Chances are, you are happy with your current SaaS platforms, but wish they had a few additional features.
  • Using a Chrome browser extension built just for you, we can inject custom functionality, aesthetics, or data into your existing web applications without changing the underlying code or requiring anything from the service provider.
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Time Savings per Task
  • Automate repetitive tasks on the desktop or web
  • Build custom reports out of your data
  • Integrate your systems
  • Custom applications, scripts, or macros
  • Automation can be supervised to ensure accuracy


Customer Focused
  • Tight feedback loop with developer
  • Continuous improvement methodology
  • Iterative approach to development
  • Human centric design
  • Collaborative partnership

See how our engagement process works

We pinpoint your business needs and collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure we meet all of your operational objectives.

Transparent pricing

We offer fair and competitive pricing that you won't find anywhere else.
Chrome Browser Extensions
Starting at
  • * Plus hourly developer rate of $100 / hour
Web / Desktop Applications
Starting at
  • * Plus hourly developer rate of $100 / hour
  • * Plus third party hosting costs if applicable
Excel Macros
Starting at
  • * Plus hourly developer rate of $100 / hour

Oh, by the way

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